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A classic car that’s been restomodded may look completely original from the outside. Underneath that outer shell, though, the vehicle could consist of new technology and after-market products that weren’t previously available.Two distinct components define a restomod: restoration and modification. Fikse is synonymous with superior exclusive products and services. Unsurprisingly, the finest companies in the restomod industry partner with Fikse. Restoration, luxury, and aesthetically superior design. Take a look at some of the well-known brands Fikse works with.

Sacrilege Motors

Revolutionizing the Future of Classic Cars

Evolving the Legends of the Past for Future Generations

Founded by Phil Wagenheim, a finance entrepreneur and Porsche enthusiast, and Bobby Singh, a veteran in race-tuning Porsches, Sacrilege Motors is on a mission to redefine classic cars. Their focus is on delivering classic Porsches with instant EV power while preserving the iconic driving experience. They’re committed to evolving classics with all-electric powertrains, top-notch driving dynamics, and meticulous restoration. Their vision is to retain the soul of Porsche classics, minimizing environmental impact for future generations. They don’t replace air-cooled classics; they create maintenance-free Porsche classics. Partnering with Fellten and Penske Racing ensures each Sacrilege Motors creation is a masterpiece, blending tradition with innovation.

Sacrilege Motors car driving down the road


Heritage With Twenty-First Century Engineering

A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Singer has become world renowned for its collaboration with owners of the air-cooled Porsche 911 to reimagine custom restorations. Bringing together heritage with twenty-first century engineering and material science, their bespoke automotive services are now part of an internationally recognized California Luxury brand. Everything that bears the Singer name is tailored to a personal vision for luxury which makes Fikse a proud partner. Our wheels, and Singer’s relentless pursuit of excellence is what makes Singer and Fikse the discerning car collectors first choice.



Decades Of Experience In The Automotive And Motorsport Industries

Perfection is a very personal thing

Fikse has supplied teams in American Le Mans. So it comes as no surprise that we would team up with KALMAR. KALMAR Automotive is a unique automotive company with a proud Danish heritage bringing together decades of experience in the automotive and motorsport industries, paired with classic design and cutting-edge engineering to offer truly unique products to very discerning customers. The catalyst of the joint venture with KALMAR Automotive was the moment  Mr. “Le Mans”, Tom Kristensen, commissioned us to create a tribute car to celebrate the victory that marked the start of his journey as a record breaking Champion. 

KALMAR and real winners know every great tribute car should have a set Fikse wheels.


State-Of-The-Art Digital Design Techniques

Obsessive attention to detail

Theon Design’s state-of-the-art digital design techniques are blended with traditional hand-craftsmanship. Using the Porsche 911 (964 series) as its base, Theon combines Porsche OEM-level design, quality and manufacturing techniques with an obsessive attention to detail.  

“We refine the air-cooled Porsche 911, we don’t try to reinvent it. “

Theon ensures each car is unique, enabling it to tailor details to a customer’s individual specification, their approach maximizes precision ensuring that each car is unique, enabling it to tailor details to a customer’s individual specification. Keeping trademark 911 traits, such as the upright windscreen and offset, floor-hinged pedals, but crafting the electric power steering so that it feels light and the manual stick glides smoothly across the gate.

The incredible partnership between Theon and Fikse creates cars tailored to precision.


Icon Remastered 

A modern supercar

Work, love, play and once in a while, dare to DAYDREAM…

Tedson brings restomod into a new era. Combining stunning looks and refined craftsmanship with an authentic and engaging driving experience. A modern interpretation of one of the most significant air-cooled icons of all time. Tedson brings its unique approach to the design and performance of each Porsche that it reinvents and reimagines. They change the car’s character by slightly adjusting its curves and widths while still preserving the legendary silhouette and original DNA. Exuding strength and muscle with incredible performance.

Whether it’s their sporty GRS or the renowned Daydream, Tedson’s design and technology guarantee superb performance which is why you will find Fikse as their choice wheels. Restomod greatness.

Abreu Motors

Porsche Heritage Meets Innovative Transformation, One Thrilling Drive at a Time

Abreu Motors embodies the spirit of Porsche enthusiasts who seek a unique experience beyond traditional preservation. Their visionary 911 Backdate project, born from the desire to fully restore and customize classic air-cooled Porsche 911s, represents a new sect of enthusiasts. These individuals are driven not by mere ownership but by the thrill of driving a meticulously styled, mechanically splendid classic Porsche.

The project seamlessly marries two iconic eras – the 1970s ST and the 964 from the 1990s – resulting in a spectacular metamorphosis. It transforms neglected 964 models into fully realized machines, paying homage to the ST’s timeless design while preserving the Porsche heritage. Abreu Motors’ passion and commitment to innovation shine through in every bespoke creation, and we eagerly anticipate the inspiration their future projects will undoubtedly bring.

RWB Canada

Transforming Porsches worldwide with iconic style and unmatched craftsmanship

Established in Japan in 1997, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) has evolved from a small countryside body shop in Chiba-Ken to an international icon in Porsche tuning. Renowned for its distinctive style, RWB seamlessly blends Japanese and European tuning elements to craft its signature look for the Porsche chassis. The wide fender flares, massive rear wing, and vibrant color schemes make RWB Porsches stand out on streets and racing circuits worldwide, with operations extending to Vancouver, Canada. Every RWB Porsche is a unique masterpiece, hand-crafted by Nakai-san himself in Japan, ensuring unmatched sturdiness and individuality. With only one RWB Porsche created for each customer, Nakai-san’s personal touch guarantees the utmost satisfaction upon completion of every build.


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