How to Measure Wheel Fitment

Wheel & rim shell fitment data sheet

Your car should be unique to you: your passion, your skills, your goals. Will they fit? At Fikse, we approach wheel fitment as a tailor does a handmade suit–with careful deliberation and lots of measurements. Your selection will result from what is technically possible and personal choices such as size, style, finish, and tire. The process of tailoring a wheel fitment works best when it is not rushed. The time you invest in researching, measuring, and making your choices will be time well spent.

The key to developing a proper fitment for your vehicle is to take the time to gather full information. Use this Fitment Data Sheet to collect the information needed to develop a tailored fitment for your car.

Download Wheel Fitment Guides

Once that information has been gathered, we’d be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation on your preferred custom forged wheel and selected options. Any tire size comparison or tire size chart will be given, to better personalized the best wheels. Our modular component system can produce a range of width, offset, and backspacing dimensions.