Layne grew up as the son of Pikes Peak Hill Climb legend, Randy Schranz. Layne started his racing career on motorcycles in 1979 with hopes of one day competing in a Stock Car on Pikes Peak like his father. In 1983 Layne transitioned from two wheels to four and started a 10 year career racing four wheeled ATV’s. 1997 would be the year all the preparation culminated as Layne climbed into his father’s Chevy Lumina and finished 4th place in the Super Stock Car Division on Pikes Peak. Layne’s great debut finish also earned him Rookie of the Year honors. From 2004 to 2010, Layne stacked up a remarkable and equally frustrating, five 2nd place finishes. 2012 was finally the year Layne dreamed of when he was the fastest car in all practice runs, the top qualifier and the race winner in the Stock Car Division. The quest to conquer Pikes Peak and take home a Super Stock Car Championship continues.

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