Once he turned 18, Michael started autocross racing in DC. After finding success in autocross racing, he stepped into Skip Barber Racing School with his dream of becoming a race car driver. In every race for a couple of seasons, Michael was a contender for the podium and win. Michael wanted more so he stepped away from the driver’s seat for a couple of years to learn how to build the cars he wanted to race. In that process, he became one of the most awarded students in the history of Nascar Technical Institute and landed a job with the top Nascar team in the country, Hendrick Motorsports. 3 years, 36 Cup wins, and 1 Championship later he moved back to Sportscar Racing with IMSA as a mechanic and won 3 more championships at the pro level! Michael’s love of driving never went away, but now he knows the cars from the inside out. He can build them, he can tune them, and he can drive them to their limit with consistency because of it. The plan has changed a lot over the years but the goal has always remained the same. Race to win. All these years later, his sights are still set on racing at the pro level at the Daytona 24hr.

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