American 3-Piece Forged Wheel
Alternative Angle
Alternative Angle
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Take it to the streets.

Contour is all about track performance on the street and this 12-spoke wheel is as capable as it is eye-catching. The Contour Profil 312 utilizes specifically shaped I-beam spokes for maximum stiffness, putting you in pole position when it comes to the wide open road. Available in 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, and 21” sizes and a wide range of colours from the classic Metallic Mustang Blue to shiny Gold Anodized.

Available in 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 inches

Starting at $1,539.00

Standard Black
Metallic Mustang Blue
Rothmans Gold Metallic
Metallic Lava Black
Standard Lime
Standard Orange
Standard Red
Standard Yellow

Custom Colors

No items found.
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