Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fikse make OEM wheels?

Fikse Wheels provides design services, consulting, and private-label manufacturing for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and specialty (OES) applications.

When did Fikse start making wheels?

Fikse started operations in 1992.

Did the Fikse Ownership change?

The Fikse brand and assets were acquired from Kodiak Aerospace in 2017. Kodiak continues to manufacture the same wheels on much of the same equipment as the original Fikse family.

Where can I find more information on my Fikse wheels. 

Fikse has a database of existing builds that it has made for customers over the years. Due to Fikse changing hands some of this information may not be up to date and may require further research. Due to ongoing demand on our staff for looking into older wheels outside our warranty period. In addition sometimes three-piece wheels may have had parts changed without the knowledge of Fikse. Fikse is not reasonable to for any variation in data to what maybe fitted to the wheel now.  Fikse requires that an archive and research payment of $125 USD (Non-refundable) for each set of wheels, to be paid in advance for this service. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing of results and please feel free to contact us concerning this service either by phone and email.

Does Fikse produce Aerospace components as well?

Although Fikse Wheels does not produce aerospace components, our wheels are machined in the Kodiak Aerospace facility that also has an aerospace division that produces many of the parts that you see on modern commercial aircraft.

Where can I find my wheel's serial number?

Each wheel has a unique serial number. You can find it the face of the wheel, near the valve stem.

Do I have to register my wheels?

No, registration is not required. However, registering will help protect your investment by allowing us to maintain service history records on your wheels and to prove ownership in case of damage or theft. We have a self care wheel worksheet and information for measuring your forged aluminum wheels if your interesting in learning more about our wheels.
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