Fikseā€™s specialized wheels are designed and engineered in close cooperation with race teams, sanctioning bodies, and car constructors. This close working relationship ensures that your wheels will fit right the first time and provide you years of outstanding performance. Fikse wheels have what it takes to win on the track while having the style and detail to enhance your vehicle. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can tailor a custom set of wheels that will add a new level of performance to your vehicle that you might not have imagined was possible. Fikse wheels will provide you with the ultimate in improved vehicle dynamics while at the same time visually enhancing your vehicle.

Profil Series

Classic Series

Contour Series

Fikse's Profil wheel line represents the leading edge of wheel design and technology. The Profil ("pro-feel") line is our highest performing consumer wheel to date. They offer improved acceleration, handling, braking, and fuel efficiency for your sports car.

The Classic forged modular wheels, our flagship line, was first manufactured in 1992; these wheels have continued their timelessly popularity among classic car enthusiasts.

The Fikse Contour series of wheels, which was previously exclusive to professional race teams, have been improved and engineered to enhance your high-performance sports car. The Contour series incorporates a long list of features that sets it apart from all others.

Specialty Series

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