The Fikse design philosophy centers on an engineering foundation as the basis for its excellence.

From start to finish, our design process leads the industry with rigorous real-world testing and certification to the highest global standards. An ongoing commitment to research and a vigorous motorsports program drive continuous improvement in our methods, materials, and processes.

Attention to engineering fundamentals also tends to produce the most visually pleasing wheels. This is the anchor of Fikse’s design approach. Rather than reacting to the fashion of the moment, Fikse develops classic design themes that will be as pleasing years from now as they are the day the wheels are mounted.

Where others offer a simple corner or a straight line, Fikse offers something more. What at first glance appears to be a simple curve carved from metal is actually a seamless blend of more than twenty individual arcs finessed to form a shape more fluid and graceful than otherwise possible.

This painstaking design effort results in a whole greater than the sum of its parts: a wheel that both appeals aesthetically and performs competitively at the highest level.


  • Forged modular construction optimized for low weight, which provides improved acceleration and handling
  • North American sourced 6061-T6 premium, aircraft-grade aluminum allows for the strongest and lightest wheels
  • Tapered edge rim profile offering increased protection from curb damage and increased edge strength
  • Low mass centers with lower moment of inertia means better acceleration and overall increased braking performance
  • Enhanced structural rigidity
  • Increased stiffness provides for faster response to inputs and longer life
  • New super-finishing utilizing diamond insert tooling
  • Most brilliant wheel finish available in the industry
  • Each wheel is custom built to each customers requirements for the best fitment and aesthetics