Does FIKSE make OEM wheels?

FIKSE provides design services, consulting, and private-label manufacturing for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and specialty (OES) applications.

When did FIKSE start making wheels?

FIKSE started operations in 1992.

Did the FIKSE ownership change?

The FIKSE brand and assets was acquired by Kodiak Motorsports in 2010. Kodiak has continued to manufacture the same wheels on much of the same equipment as the original FIKSE family.

Does FIKSE Produce Aerospace components as well?

Kodiak Motorsports also has an aerospace division. FIKSE wheels are produced in the same facility as Kodiak Aerospace uses to produce many of the parts that you see on modern commercial aircraft.
Where can I find my wheel’s serial number?

Each wheel has a unique serial number. You can find it the face of the wheel, near the valve stem.

Do I have to register my wheels?

No, registration is not required. However, registering will help protect your investment by allowing us to maintain service history records on your wheels and to prove ownership in case of damage or theft.