Twin Turbo Mustang 1250WHP

RX7 Turbo Microtech Fikse

This is a project that was recently completed by Pressurized Solutions. The FM10’s really complete the look on this RX7.

Porsche 964 Carrera 4 3.8L Twin Turbo S 650 HP Intercooled

Texas Mile 2009 World Record

TurboKraft chose lightweight FM5’s for this rebuilt Porsche. Fikse Wheels dealer Todd Zuccone and his crew from Evolution MotorSports Inc. and Intelligent Tuning in Tempe, Arizona know how to go fast. So fast, in fact, that this year Zuccone’s crew achieved several records at the infamous Texas Mile speed runs in March.

BIC Open Track Day

1978 Porsche 911 SC STK

Take this Porsche 911 for a spin around the track on our Profil 10 wheels.

Evolution MotorSports 997.2TT Hunting Down The Blue 800 HP Vivid 997TT

Corvette C4 – Fikse FM5 Rims

This video shows how sweet the FM5’s look when they roll.